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Tommy Ahlers (born 18 November 1975) is a Danish CEO best known for the social networking and mobile backup site ZYB, launched in 2005 by two entrepreneurs from Copenhagen, Morten Lund and Ole Kristensen, and sold to Vodafone Europe BV for nearly $50m in May 2008.[1] Before ZYB, where he has held the position of CEO since the company's inception, Ahlers spent six years in strategy and management, partly in the mobile industry. He was previously with McKinsey & Company for more than four years, where he served as an engagement manager working with mobile operators to shape their strategies. In addition to ZYB, he also worked for another start-up which provided a global SMS-service to mobile users. Ahlers holds a master's degree in law from the University of Copenhagen, graduating in 2000. ZYB is headquartered in Greve, south of Copenhagen, Denmark and has offices in Cambridge and London, UK. The company has kept its Copenhagen base in the wake of Vodafone's acquisition and Ahlers continues as CEO, with Vodafone incorporating the firm into its Internet Services Division. Ahlers is a regular on the technology startup conference circuit, speaking at the likes of Mobile 2.0 Europe, DLD, the European Directory Marketplace Conference and TheNextWeb, where he was an award winner in 2007. The 19th January he invested in Astralis ApS, a company that manages the affairs of Astralis, a professional gaming team.

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Investments Invested In RFRSH Entertainment, Peakon, Astralis, Firtal Group, My Best Book, Sponsta, Tradono, GameAnalytics, Drivr, Lightbox, InfoHubble, Podio

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