Lars Seier Christensen


Mr. Lars Seier Christensen co-founded Saxo Bank A/s since 1992 and served as its Co-Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Management Board. Mr. Christensen was involved in derivative sales and trading since 1987. He began his career at the London-based futures broker, Petley & Co (now ECU Group) and joined LIT Europe, the European arm of leading futures clearer LIT America as a Manager of its Scandinavian Desk. In 1990, Mr. Christensen took over an identical position at American broker Gerald Metals, to assist company in developing its newly started foreign exchange department, again with particular responsibility for Scandinavian financial institutions. He has considerable financial and business acumen, he has been jointly responsible with Kim Fournais for the formulation and implementation of its business strategies and new ventures ever since. In September 1999, following the establishment of, he served as Managing Director of Midas and was responsible for it overall management. He served as a Joint Chief Executive Officer of Kim Fournais. Mr. Christensen served as a Director of Midas since 1995.

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