Jesper Buch


Jesper Buch is an angel investor. He has founded, co-founded, and invested in several startups. Buch founded of Just Eat in 2000; in 2005; and also the group’s sites in Holland, Iceland, Sweden, and Ireland. He co-founded Miinto Group in 2009. From 2009 he co-founded and invested in different internet-based companies in Denmark. In September 2012, Buch released a book about his personal story of the 10 years it took to build Just Eat. The book was released in Denmark in Danish and it went #1 on iTunes in DK as well as top 5 in several book stores. In February 2013, Buch was the most searched for top leader on the web in Denmark. In March 2013 Buch was selected as "Young Global Leader 2013" by World Economic Forum. Buch and his portfolio have been directly or indirectly involved in 7 Series A fundings, 2 series B funding and, one Series C funding. Buch was awarded the Pioneer Award 2014 for his work with internet companies in Denmark. He won the “Investor Of the Year” award in Denmark and investor of the year as well as the peoples’ choice award in Scandinavia at Nordic Startup Awards in 2014. Jesper Buch was born on August 30, 1975.

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Investments Invested In Reshopper, Jukeit, Firtal Group, My Best Book, Fishtrip, Plecto, Fitbay, GoMore, Autobutler, Miinto


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